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Canadian Forces to Downsize Recruiting

posted Apr 20, 2010, 9:28 AM by CDNSOLDIER.COM Administrator   [ updated Apr 20, 2010, 9:36 AM ]
The Canadian Forces is reported to downsize their recruiting initiatives, in a report.

As it nears its goal of expanding the Forces, the Canadian military says it will cut back on its recruiting staff.

Defence sources say the Canadian Forces recruiting group has been told to cut a total of $6 million by next year. That will result in the elimination of 60 to 70 recruiting staff across the country and concentrate most recruiting in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, according to sources.

A Defence Department spokeswoman confirmed that $6 million has been identified as part of fiscal "adjustments," but stated that the recruiting group is still trying to determine how many reservists, who were brought in on full-time contracts to help with recruiting, are no longer needed.

In an e-mail, DND spokeswoman Lisa Fiander noted that the budget adjustments were "planned and expected" and that the Canadian Forces recruiting group has seen an increased level of financial support over the last three years.

"A review of personnel needs is currently in progress to determine how many and which positions are no longer required," stated the e-mail.

Fiander noted that core personnel will not be affected. But there are 120 temporary positions for reservists who are employed full-time to support the expansion of the military, a process which is nearly complete, according to the Defence Department.

That expansion, outlined in the Conservative's Canada First Defence Strategy, set the size of the regular military at 70,000 and the reserve force at 30,000.

Reference: Vancouver Sun