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Canadian Forces Personnel Arrested for Drug Trafficking

posted Apr 29, 2010, 12:47 PM by CDNSOLDIER.COM Administrator   [ updated Apr 29, 2010, 12:55 PM ]
A few Canadian soldiers have been arrested in Wainwright for drug trafficking. According to the Globe and Mail:
“Because the investigation is still ongoing, there may be more [arrests],” said Captain Sandra Bourne.

In addition, “several individuals” have been also been arrested for alleged possession of a controlled substance, Capt. Bourne said. She could not say how many arrests have been made.

Capt. Bourne said the drug in question is an unknown hallucinogen and tests are under way to determine its exact nature.

The four military members were arrested in the past week for possession for the purpose of trafficking, Capt. Bourne said. All those arrested are from the junior ranks and haven’t served in the military long. “They’re not in positions of authority,” she said.

The following is the press release from the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service

WAINWRIGHT, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - April 29, 2010) - The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS), the investigative arm of the Canadian Forces Military Police, in conjunction with the local Military Police, arrested four Canadian Forces (CF) members from Canadian Forces Base Wainwright in relation to alleged drug trafficking.

The arrests, made under section 130 of the National Defence Act (NDA), and pursuant to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, relate to alleged possession for the purpose of trafficking of a controlled substance in four cases. Several individuals were also identified for alleged possession of controlled substance.

"These arrests reflect the ongoing efforts of the CFNIS National Drug Enforcement Team across Canada," said Lieutenant-Colonel Gilles Sansterre, Commanding Officer of the CFNIS. "We are committed to working with the chain-of-command to ensure a drug-free work environment for all CF personnel."

The names of the arrested CF members will not be released since no charges have been laid.

The CFNIS is an independent Military Police unit with a mandate to investigate serious and sensitive matters in relation to National Defence property, DND employees, and CF personnel serving in Canada and abroad.